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Vertebral fractures due to bone loss, trauma and malignancies (cancer) may cause great pain forcing the patient to stay in bed and this will lower his life quality. That condition can be improved by Vesselplasty technique which was developed in Indonesia, by cement injection  and spine boost after local anesthesia. This procedure only takes 30 minutes and the patient can sit and walk a day after for better quality of life.

Some of the latest techniques for the treatment of spinal problems, which allow the patient to walk one day after surgery, are:

    PELD (Percutaneus Endoscopic Lumbal Discectomy) dan PECD (Percutaneus Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy): for handling HNP / pinched nerve in the back and neck area.

    Trans-1: lumbar 4-5 and S1 stabilization techniques with a 2 cm slices.