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For a future mother, knowing there is another human being grows inside her womb and anticipating her delivery of the child, makes pregnancy an unforgettable exciting experience.

Questions often occur in her mind about her love one inside of her:

  • Is it normal?
  • How its face looks like?
  • How its growth process, is it normal?
  • Is it a boy or a girl?
  • Are there twins or more?

USG-4D facility of RS GADING PLUIT manages to answer those questions by showing real-time high resolution images of your fetus (unborn baby).  With this examination, doctor also can detect recognizable abnormality on the earlier stage, not only on the fetus and problems it might develop, but also risks for its delivery process later.   With such action, doctor and parents could take any necessary intervention for the sake of the baby and the mother.   

The advantages of USG 4D are its ability to:
•    Provide clear and easily understood images.
•    Monitor of the growth and morphology of the fetus better with its real time high resolution images.
•    Record the fetal movement (fetal behavior) and evaluate fetal well being
•    Detect of anomaly / abnormality on the early stage so that early intervention / treatment could be taken.
•    Detect of problems during pregnancy earlier and enable a more coordinated treatments.

It is also safe, like other USG examination with ultrasonic wave (without X-ray radiation)
USG-4D can also be used as a diagnostic tools for Medical Check-Up, and able to detect ovarium tumor, anomalies on thyroid, breast, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, prostate, etc.

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