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TACI / TACI is one of the modern and developing cancer treatments widely performed all over the world and has been available in GADING PLUIT Hospital since 2009. 

Definition of TACI / TACE:

  • TACI (Trans Arterial Chemo Infusion) is infusing the chemo inside the tumor cell feeding arteries, with or without the blocking agent. 
  • TACE (Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization) is closing or blocking the tumor cell feeding arteries. 

TACI / TACE is able to be performed on cancer / tumor cases as follows:

  • Cancer
    • Breast
    • Liver
    • Lung and Mediastum
    • Brain, Head and neck
    • Tractus Uro - Genitalis
    • Ovarium
    • Bone
    • Digestive Tract
    • Cervix
  • Tumor
    • Malignant tumor (except: Leukemia, Lymphoma, metastases from primary tumor to whole body)
    • Benign tumor:
      • Brain membrane (Meningioma)
      • Arterial benign tumor (Hemangioma).

TACI / TACI is performed by intervention radiologist expert.                                 

A few reasons why TACI / TACE is considered as one of the alternative therapies for cancer treatment:

  • It is globally recognized as a part of multi-disciplinary cancer treatment.
  • To be performed on primary tumor and / or metastatic stage.
  • Provides more advantage on high risk old patient if performed along with surgery or systemic chemotherapy.
  • Acting as an alternative therapy if the patient refuses conventional chemotherapy. 

The major advantages of TACI / TACE:

  • Lower dosage of chemo compared to regular chemotherapy and targeted directly to the tumor cell
  • Minimal side effect of the medicine (allows better activity or mobility for the patients).
  • Help to reduce the tumor and hemorrhaging risk during operation (if  the operation is needed)

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