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GADING PLUIT Hospital utilizes MRI 1.5 Tesla with Total Imaging Matrix which has high magnetic strength with Gradient strength 45 mT / m , Slew rate of 200 mT / m / msec, gives the advantage shorter examination time, much sharper and clearer pictures, and examination of the entire body can be performed at once,  with the images obtained intact (very good for analysis of scoliosis, the spread of cancer cells, and also to the blood vessels), spectroscopy ability for the brain and prostate, as well as non-invasive analysis of the liver and biliary tract tumors with clearer results .

MAGNETOM Avanto Fit is a 1.5 Tesla MRI technology upgrade from the earlier MAGNETOM Avanto which delivers superior accuracy by Tim Integrated 4G (which has 48 RF channels and high density coils that increase the SNR for the examination of the entire body with syngo REVEAL). With consistency brought to our scanning by Dot, we can achieve excellent image quality and exam reproducibility.

The MRI Facility in GADING PLUIT Hospital is supported by experienced and competent physicians in assessing and interpreting all the images and data presented by MRI 1.5 T MAGNETOM Avanto Fit.  in order to provide an accurate examination conclusions.

For more INFORMATION and REGISTRATION, please contact: Radiology Dept. Ext. 28250