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GADING INTEGRATED CANCER CARE (GICC) is an unified cancer facility provided by GADING PLUIT Hospital to give comprehensive and integrated treatments for cancer patients.

Cancer diseases can barely be treated with only one therapy. Every case needs different combinations, adjusted with the conditions of the patients, such as type of cancer, pathology image, stage, morbidities / additional disease, etc and need teamwork of specialists, from the treating specialists, such as surgeons and oncologists (both for chemotherapy and radiotherapy) to diagnostics and supporting specialists.

At GICC, we believe that every patient has specific needs. Therefore, we are the first cancer facility that implements Joint Consultation Clinic held every week in the Tumor Board Meeting with routine teleconference support, to ensure effective communication in planning patient’s therapies.

Implementing the concepts above have proven to be able to reduce unnecessary examinations / therapies, mistreatment risks and increase the therapies results.

The available cancer facilities on both diagnostics and therapies are such as:


  • Ultrasonografi / Color Doppler
  • MSCT-Scan 128 Slice (Multi Slice CT Scan) & MRI 1.5 Tesla (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • PET/CT-Scan (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography-Scan). A tool with cutting-edge technology for non-invasive cancer spread detection on the early stage.
  • Endoscopy to examine: digestive tract (gastro-colonoscopy), breathing tract (bronchoscopy), urinary tract (cystoscopy), and others.
  • Endosonography is the latest treatment using endosocopy combined with USG to observe internal layers of the digestive system and others.
  • Surgery, including Endo-Laparoscopic technique.
  • Catherization Laboratory.  This tool is able to reach all blood vessels, including the ones feeding the tumor / cancer.
  • Pathology Anatomy; including Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB)
  • Clinical Pathology
  • And others.


  • Surgery, including Endo-Laparoscopic technique.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy with  3D-CRT dan IMRT technique.
  • TACI (Transarterial Chemo-Infusion): A new way of chemotherapy directly through the feeding blood vessels of the cancer region.
  • TACE (Transarterial Chemo Embolization): TACE is performed by embolizing the blood vessels to cut the blood supply of the tumor / cancer regions.
  • Palliative
  • And others

For more INFORMATION, please contact: GICC: Ext. 28160-61