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EECP (External Enhanced Counter Pulsation) is a non invasive method of treatment to treat certain conditions related to heart diseases. In 1970, EECP was approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in USA to treat cardiogenic shock and acute heart attack. In 1995, FDA also approved EECP for its uses in coronary heart disease and in 2002 to help congestive heart failure management.  A lot of studies have been made to explore the potential of benefit of this method.  In 2013, The European Society of Cardiology has recommended EECP as level 2A evidence base treatment in management of stable coronary artery disease.  

EECP therapy is non invasive which can be given as out-patient treatment and patients can directly return to their daily activities after receiving this treatment.

Who will earn the benefit of EECP?

1.  Patient with the symptom of angina (recurrent chest pain)

  • Unresponsive to conventional available medicines.
  • Restricted activity from recurrent angina attack
  • Those who are not willing to get invasive revascularization procedure
  • Worsened heart function (EF < 35%)
  • Has a great deal of comorbidities  / high risk to undergo invasive revascularization procedure.  (e.g. Diabetes Mellitus, heart failure, lung disease, renal failure)
  • Those who has coronary vascular anatomy anomaly that does not suit for invasive procedure or surgery
  • Those with microvascular angina problem  (Cardiac X Syndrome)
  • Those who still get recurrent angina after invasive procedure (cardiac bypass / stenting)

 2.  Patient with heart Failure

  • Ischemic or idiopathic cardiomyopathy
  • LVD (EF < 35%)
  • Increased comorbidities risks to get invasive revascularization procedure

After the treatment, most patients will potentially have:

  • Significant reduce of angina attack in frequency and intensity
  • Better stamina and physical strength
  • Better daily living activity performance with less angina
  • Better quality of life
  • A more positive and motivated thinking in life

EECP is beneficial for people with stroke or heart attack, Diabetes Mellitus, Hyertension,  Peripheral vascular disease and Chronic Fatique Syndrom.  EECP can also be used to reduce   wound healing time, increase athetic perfomance , body weight loss and improve blood circulation and quality of life

GADING EECP CENTER  started its operation in February 2013 and is located on the 3rd floor.
For more INFORMATION and REGISTRATION, please contact:
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