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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease as the consequences of inadequte insulin production and / or function (insulin resistence) in daily metabolism which is recoqnized by blood sugar level elevation.  The insulin itself is a natural hormone in the body together with other hormone to regulate the sugar metabolism.  It is produced by a gland in the abdomen called pancreas.

GADING DIABETES CENTER was founded in 2009 to provide an integrated management of people with diabetes mellitus.

The program consists of:

  • Integrated consultations with 6 multidisciplinary specialists related to diabetes mellitus complications which are diabetologist, cardiologist, nephrologists, ophthalmologist, neurologist, and nutritionist.
  • A routine small group discussion involving 6 – 8 people per session. These people will be guided to comprehensive understanding about Diabetes Mellitus and how to actively manage it in daily living.
  • Laboratory examination package related to Diabetes Mellitus, such as renal function, blood sugar level, lipid profiles and etc.

The whole program requires 2 days of outpatient care in our hospital.

GADING DIABETES CENTER also holds Diabetes Mellitus Exercise program led by experienced instructors as an essential part of the program.  Not only to exercise, but this forum is also to provide a forum for fefellow diabetic participants to exchange experiences. 

To advance the knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus, the Doctors and Nurses at GADING PLUIT Hospital are regularly trained to have a thorough understanding about Diabetes Mellitus and its treatments, before and after the occurence of complications.