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Endo-Laparoscopic surgery is considered as a minimally invasive surgery. The procedure uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the damage on human tissue when the surgery is performed. In general, endo-laparoscopic procedure is performed by making several small incisions on the stomach surface and using special equipment, the surgery is conducted from the inside (abdominal cavity) with a special camera.

This technique is developed to offer more comforts for the patients, such as reduced post-surgical pain, minimal scarring compared to open surgery, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.

Minimally invasive surgeries with laparoscopic methods are performed to treat Obesity, Gall Stones, Appendicities, and for other fields such as: Urology, Obstetric & Gynecology, ENT, etc. Minimally invasive surgeries can be used as a diagnostic tool for cancer and other undiagnosed cases.

Minimally invasive methods can also be performed on spinal cases with Vertebroplasty / Vesselplasty techniques.

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