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DBC (Documentation Based Care) is an exercise system from Finland specially designed to treat back, neck and shoulder pains by active exercise from the patient, using equipments scientifically and specifically designed by experts in spine from Finland and have been used through out Europe, USA, and Asia.

From all the bones/joints structure previously mentioned, only muscles are consciously controlled and can actively be trained while bones, joints and tendons are passive. Strong muscles will help to protect the bones  joints. Scientific studies have proven that the exercise are effective to reduce pain and normalize functions.

The concept of DBC treatment is different than the regular exercises provided in the gyms. The DBC program not only exercise the muscle strengths but also Endurance, Coordination and Balance Control. These are all importants to reach the final goal, a long term pain free and function improvement.

What are the advantages of DBC?

  • Customized treatment program for each profile.
  • By combining specific measurement and test, each profile are mapped accurately.
  • All of the related pain complaints, phsyical weaknesses and psychological stresses are documented.
  • To recover normal functions, controlling of body posture and coordination, endurance and spine mobility.
What are the differences between DBC program and regular physiotherapy?
Unlike the conventional therapies (ultrasonic, electrotherapy, massage, and etc), the benefits obtained by DBC programs are basic and long term.

For further INFORMATION, please contact: DBC Clinic Ext. 28406