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BD HAIR GROWTH CLINIC First in Indonesia

“human growth factors” to grows hair on the head

Normal cycle of the hair:

  1. Anagen phase/ new hair growth, lasts approximately 1000 days
  2. Catagen phase/ transitional, lasts approximately 14 days
  3. Telogen phase/ resting phase, lasts approximately hundred days before the hair fall out

Normally, the percentage of our hair is 85-90% in anagen phase, and the rest is in telogen/ resting phase.

Problem occurs when the resting phase is bigger or more than 15%, which means more fall out hairs than growing new hairs, the hairs becomes less and if it does not treated well would end in baldness.

In baldness, there are no re-growth of the hair follicles because they are in dormant stage.


With the new innovation from us, using the natural, pure and concentrated human growth factors, the dormant hair follicles are rebuilt to their normal cycles.It’s safe, no side effects, pure and does not contain chemicals. This sterile human growth factors is proven effective to overcome the problem of your baldness.

2 series treatment’s result:

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