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Treatment for cancer continues to grow. In addition to conventional types of treatment such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, now there are also new methods, including immunotherapy.

"Immunotherapy aims to boost the immune system. Immunotherapy treatment is very good because if our immunity is strong, the spread of cancer cells can be minimized and provide better life expectancy for cancer patients," said Prof. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, on the sidelines of a multi-disciplinary Approach for Oncology Management seminar held at GADING PLUIT Hospital, Jakarta, last weekend. The medical seminar was held as a series of events to celebrate the hospital's 12th anniversary.

The benefits of treatment with immunotherapy, he continued, among others, do not cause extreme side effects such as hair loss to bald head as occurs in chemotherapy patients.

Immunotherapy works specifically, not targeting all body cells like chemotherapy. On the same occasion, oncologist and hematologist consultant, dr. Ikhwan Rinaldi explains basically the body's defense system is able to analyze any attacks from foreign objects that enter the body.

The immune system in our body automatically destroys everything that can damage the tissues in the body. However, that ability does not occur when the immune cells dealing with cancer cells. Immunotherapy, he added, serves to strengthen immune cells so as to recognize and kill cancer cells.

"There are several kinds of immunotherapy, one of which is the use of anti-PD-L1 drugs that can make our white blood cells (immune cells) strong and can kill the cancer cells." (* / H-3)

As published in KORAN MEDIA INDONESIA, Tuesday, December 19, 2017